Kola Saraswathi Vaishnav Senior Secondary School
Affiliated to CBSE

Grievance Readressal Cell



To create a platform where students can point out their problems,regarding academic and non academic matters.

Get suggestions from the students for improvement.

Take necessary steps for improvement in the light of grievances.

Details of staff appointed for grievance redressal mechanism committee

S.No Name of the Staff Educational Qualification Contact No. Extn. No.
1 Smt.R.Meena Mehta M.A., B.Ed. 2641 1512 23
2 Smt. Seema Madan M.Sc.,B.Ed. 2641 1512 22
3 Smt.B.Premalatha B.A., B.Ed., KG Trained 2641 1512 26
4 Smt.Mubeena Yasim Ahmed Parent of Zahra Fathima - VI C 99629 27978
5 Smt.Nagajyothi Bharath Parent of Charan - VII A 97104 10766